Pauline Martin (right), MSc. Registered Physiotherapist & Owner, Neuromotion Physiotherapy + Rehabilitation Clinics

Pauline Martin, Registered Physiotherapist at Neuromotion Physiotherapy + Rehabilitation Clinic, and initiator of Project Lokomat in partnership with Drive for the Cure Foundation, has been working with individuals with neurological conditions for the past 24 years.


She has successfully helped bring Lokomats to Vancouver and Victoria, and is excited to offer Lokomat therapy to adults (and children!) in Surrey and the Fraser Valley.

"For individuals with paralysis or weakness to walk, the Lokomat® is such game changer as it enables them to walk for extended periods of time. 

The harness system allows them to have excellent posture while learning to walk again, and facilitates repetition of movements. Clients are up in the machine for 30-45 minutes working on their walking; for some individuals it is the only way that they can walk. 

The Lokomat® system allows us to push our clients harder in a safe manner, and achieve the best possible outcomes."





The Lokomat® is a highly intensive physiological gait rehabilitation device for severely impaired
neurological individuals. It is based on research and development activities at the Balgrist University Hospital in Switzerland and has been developed and produced by Hocoma since 2001. With over 325 peer-reviewed publications, the Lokomat® was the first automated gait therapy robot and is the most reviewed robotic device from both scientific and therapeutic perspectives.​

Using the Lokomat® system, the client is suspended in a harness over the treadmill, and the robotic frame is fitted to the client's legs. The robotic frame then moves the client's legs (with or without the client's active participation) in a natural walking pattern. The computer-controlled guidance allows individual adjustments of different gait parameters such as stride length and amount of weight-bearing.

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